Social Forum Against Infectious and Neglected Diseases

About the Forum 

Created in 2016, the Brazilial Social Forum Against Infectious and Neglected Diseases is an initiative that brings together social representative movements in Brazil that have for decades been defending fundamental rights and building public policies for neglected infectious diseases, all over the country. This brings together the knowledge of those who live with or with someone who lives with with infectious and neglected diseases, such as Chagas, leishmaniasis and hanseniasis, the experience of patients and their family members in fighting for access, diagnosis and treatment, the strength of volunteers and the technical knowledge of specialists, scientists and consultants with credentials and plenty of experience in public policies in Brazil, at the WHO, and in about 70 countries. This movement was created based on the mobilization of affected people, representatives of different social movements, health workers, researchers from different areas, international organizations, among others, with the goal of manifesting express needs of the affected class by means of reference documents that defend the Unified Health System. 

Forum 2022


This product of the Forum has also been a part of all editions since 2016, summarizing the longings and indications of the groups represented in the discussions. 

Throughout the program, participants can contribute with the demands to be contemplated in the Bill. The document brings together the issues and demands of the Forum and will be sent to government authorities, administrators, social movements, organizations, means of communication, and to the society at large. 

● Bill Forum 2022

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● Bill of the First Virtual Forum – 2020 

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● Cuiabá Bill – 2017 

● Maceió Bill – 2016