São Paulo

Chagas disease study group – Hospital of the State University of Campinas 

About the hospital 

The Unicamp Hospital is a subject to the Administration of the Superior Board of the University, with ties with the rectory and with the Unicamp Faculty of Medical Sciences, for purposes of teaching, research and providing health actions and services of high complexity to the community. 

The hospital’s mission is to provide high-complexity assistance to users of the Unified Health System and to develop teaching and research integrated to the Unicamp Faculty of Medical Sciences. The hospital aims to be a unit of excellence, prioritizing the integrality of healthcare, humanization, modernization and integration with the Unified Health System, in a sustainable fashion. 

Contact and address 


  • General: +55 19 3521-7878
  • Visitation Center/HC (Clinical Hospital): +55 19 3521-7781
  • Appointments/HC: +55 19 3521-7530

Email: eros@unicamp.br

Address: Rua Tessália Vieira de Camargo 126 – Cidade Universitária – Zeferino Vaz – CEP: 13.083-887 – Campinas – São Paulo.

Working hours: Monday to Friday – From 08:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 


● Diagnosis 

● Treatment 

● Referral 

● Reference and counter-reference 

● Epidemiological orientation 

● Evolution follow-up 

● Clinical, diagnostic, parasitological and experimental research 


Physician – Eros Antônio de Almeida (Head of the Outpatient Clinic) 

Physician – Jâmiro da Silva Wanderley 

Physician – Luiz Cláudio Martins 

Secretary – Irene Albino L. Corrêa 

Social worker – Ana Maria de Arruda Camargo