Clinical Protocols in Chagas Disease (PcDCha)
Evandro Chagas Institute Unified Medical Care Service (SOAMU – IEC)
Epidemiology Service (SEVEP) – IEC
Health Surveillance Secretariat (SVS) – MS

Address: Instituto Evandro Chagas – Rodovia BR-316 km 7 s/n – Levilândia, PA, 67030-000, Brazil

Contact telephones: 3214-2063/ Extension 2352 32142187



Patients referred for diagnosis (febrile): Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 10:30 am.

Patients already diagnosed referred by physicians or municipal epidemiological surveillance units or hemovigilance centers: 2nd and 4th. fair: 7:30 am to 10:00 am. (order of arrival).

Coordinating team:

• SOAMU and PcDCha coordination: Ana Yecê das Neves Pinto
• SEVEP Manager: Francisco Lúzio de Paula Ramos
• Laboratories:

  • Chagas Disease Laboratory of the Parasitology Section (SAPAR): Vera da Costa Valente and Sebastião Aldo da Silva Valente,
  • Laboratory of Clinical Pathology: Andréa Lobão and Arnaldo Jorge M Filho.

Technical team at the link Research Group: Neglected Diseases and Applied Clinical-Epidemiological Research in the Amazon:

Services provided in the sector:
• Outpatient diagnostic and assistance care for patients with Acute Chagas Disease (ACD)
• Application of clinical follow-up protocols for ACD patients
• Notification of DCA suspects
• Active and passive clinical surveillance of ACD (suspicion) and promotion of technical training
• Assistance in partnerships with state and municipal departments in continuing education actions on Chagas disease (training for epidemiological and entomological surveillance and primary care)
• Clinical trials with new treatment regimens for acute Chagas disease.