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Tania Cremonini de Araujo-Jorge
Laboratory of Therapeutic Innovations and Bioproducts
Email: taniaaj@ioc.fiocruz.br
Clinical research is a process of scientific investigation involving human beings. Therefore, clinical research on Chagas’ disease has existed since the discovery of Carlos Chagas, made in his investigation with patients who had symptoms that did not correspond to any previously described disease. Since then, clinical research has always been valued, since it is essential that all the knowledge produced always have as a final focus a possible application in improving the quality of life of carriers of T. cruzi infection. As a result of clinical research carried out with the voluntary collaboration of patients to answer questions whose answers are still unknown, the scientific community obtains knowledge about drugs, procedures or methods that help the health and quality of life of patients with Chagas’ disease, in any of its stages of evolution.