First Chagas disease database

In order to facilitate research on Chagas disease, a manual curation of all articles corresponding to “Chagas disease” referenced on PubMed has been carried out. All molecules deregulated in hosts (all mammals, human, mouse or other) following infection by T. cruzi were retrieved and included in a database, named ChagasDB. A website has been set up to make this database accessible to all. In total 193 articles were reviewed, dating from 1945 to 2022 and collected information on molecules present in hosts associated with T. cruzi infection.
The information gathered was summarized in a freely accessible online database ( and in a downloadable file. In this way, any molecule of interest can be easily found, whatever the organism, its type or the strain of T. cruzi responsible for its dysregulation.
The website has been developed to allow you to explore ChagasDB via queries, but also to download the entire database.
It’s always possible that one of your favorite molecules or genes is missing. In this case, simply fill in the online form or send us the missing items.
This database is designed to be as interactive as possible.
In your coming publications, if you can, quote this database as a reference.
Brochet P, Mouren JC, Hannouche L, Lopez F, Ballester B, Cunha-Neto E, Spinelli L, Chevillard C. ChagasDB: 80 years of publicly available data on the molecular host response to Trypanosoma cruzi infection in a single database. Database (Oxford). 2023 May 23;2023:baad037. doi: 10.1093/database/baad037. PMID: 37221041.
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