Identify the insect

 If you found a bug and are not sure whether or not it’s a kissing bug (vector of the parasite that causes Chagas disease), we can help you. 

Here you’ll find a guidebook to help you recognize a kissing bug (insects that feed on blood) and you’ll learn to differentiate it from other very similar insects (phytophagous and predators). 

This tool was named Triatokey. Triatokey is available in its PC version or as an Android app. 

We’ll also added short videos that will help you go through the different functions of the app. 

We point out that it’s possible to identify the insect by yourself or with the help of a specialist. 

If after using the identification guide you’re still unsure about the bug you’ve found, we also provide an address you can use to contact the groups responsible for developing this tool. 

To access this tool, click here. 


 Explanatory videos: Tutorial 

Getting to know Triatokey. Kissing bug identification guide: 

 Getting to know Triatokey. Identifying kissing bugs is simple and easy: 

 Interactive key tutorial – Triatokey: How to identify the bug? 

 TriatoKey: Ask a specialist

TriatoKey: Check out the list of kissing bugs