About the Organization

The Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi) is a non-profit organization of Research and development (R&D) guided by the needs of patients, which develops safe, effective and accessible treatments for millions of people in vulnerable situations who are affected by neglected diseases, in particular Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness, pediatric HIV, Hepatitis C, filariasis and mycetoma.


To face the challenges of Chagas disease on the continent, DNDi and its partners act on three fronts:

The research and development program is investigating a new, safer and more tolerable treatment regimen with lower doses of existing drugs and/or a shorter duration of treatment. Another line of investigation seeks a combination between the existing treatment and a new drug. At the same time, the DNDi searches for tools that allow better determination of cure indicators, since an important gap is the lack of a test that accurately proves whether the patient is cured and free of the disease .The the elimination of barriers, underway in Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil, is an innovative project by DNDi Latin America that complements the research and development work. It aims to increase the number of people diagnosed and treated with existing drugs, applying a patient-centered model with comprehensive care. Through partnerships with local actors and under the leadership of the Ministry(s) of Health, it ensures that the transformations achieved are permanent and that, when new medicines become available, they will reach those who need it most. >The DNDi also coordinates the Platform for Clinical Research on Chagas Disease, a network of researchers collaborating to overcome challenges in research and development for Chagas disease.